Global RP Family

The Reformed Presbyterian Church is a global family of churches on four continents. The members of this family share the same ethos and confessional basis and enjoy very close relationships with one another. The ties that bind us today are stronger than they have ever been, a fact for which we are very thankful.


The church in Scotland (RPCS) is the original church of the Reformed Presbyterian tradition. The RPCS formed in 1690 when its members declined to be part of the establishment of the Church of Scotland. There are currently 4 congregations: in Airdrie, Stranraer, Stornoway and Glasgow, and there new church plants in Edinburgh and Stirling.


The Irish RP Church (RPCI) has 36 congregations and three church plants, mostly in Northern Ireland. It has its own Theological College and book centre. The Covenanter Flats provides sheltered accommodation for the elderly, and Renwick House provides student accommodation inBelfast.

North America

The North American church (RPCNA) comprises 89 congregations in the USA and Canada, including a number of church plants. The Church runs the Reformed Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh and Geneva College, a third level college, in Beaver Falls. It also has a publishing arm, and a nursing home in Pittsburgh.


The Japanese Church (RPCJ) was established as a mission work of the RPCNA and is a Presbytery of the North American church. It has 4 congregations and one church plant. It has a Theological College and a bookstore in the city of Kobe.


There are 3 congregations in the Australian RP Church (RPCA), which was a church planted by the Irish RP Church. They, like the Japanese, are active is seeking to see Christ’s Church grow in their land and, like the RPCJ, host mission teams from RP Missions in their country.


Trinity Community Christian Fellowship (TCCF) is a congregation of believers in Larnaca, Cyprus. The Lord’s Day worship services are held predominantly in English, but the children’s addresses are told in Greek.