Thursday Bible Study

We meet each Thursday evening at 8 PM in the classroom for Bible study. Everyone is welcome to this meeting. You will not be asked to read from the Bible or to pray, but you are encouraged to ask questions.

The midweek meeting has recommenced and now meets at 8 PM on Wednesdays.

Previously we have studied:

  • Paul’s second letter to Timothy, using John Stott’s commentary in the Bible Speaks Today series. You can download a copy of the notes here.

  • Themes in the letter to the Hebrews, using “The Perfect Saviour,” edited by Jonathan Griffiths, as our text. You can download a copy of the notes.
  • Timothy Keller’s book “Galatians for You”. This refreshed our understanding of the Gospel. You can download a copy of the notes.

  • Vaughan Roberts’ book “God’s Big Picture”, learning how the theme of the Kingdom of God (“God’s people, living in God’s presence, and enjoying God’s rule and blessing”) is worked out in the Bible. You can download a copy of the notes.
  • “Discipleship Explored”