Psalm Expositions

The Psalms are God’s Book of Praise. In the Psalms we hear the great Hallelujah, but also the sound of weeping, the cry of the oppressed, and the voice of Wisdom. The  Psalms instruct our mind, speak to our heart, and move our will. They teach us how to live and how to die, and they point beyond death to the resurrection and the restoration of all things. The Psalms are for individuals and for the whole Body of Christ. They show us the Lord Jesus Christ.

On the evening of the first Sunday of each of month we gather to learn more about the Psalms and the light they shed upon our walk as followers of Christ.

Psalms 73-89: The Noisy Centre of the Psalter

The Psalms’ Open Secret of Happiness

Psalms 120-134: The Songs of Ascents

Psalms 34-41: Songs of the Sufferer

Psalms 113-118: Glad Songs of Salvation!

Psalms 93-100: The LORD Reigns!

Singing the Creator’s Praise

How Shall We Sing the LORD’s Song?